Dylan D'Amarco

Neutral Good Human Cleric


Level 3 – Neutral Good – Human – Cleric of Pelor
Domains: Healing, Strength
Role: Healer/Peacemaker

STR: 14 – DEX: 11 – CON: 13 – INT: 12 – WIS: 16 – CHA: 14

HP: 19
AC: 17
Preferred Weapon: Morningstar, Shield
Key Skills: Concentration, Sense Motive, Diplomacy
Feats: Scroll Scry, Alertness, Improved Initiative, Combat Casting
Weakness: -7 Armor Check, no Dexterity bonus.

XP: 3015


Dylan was an apprentice at the Solarium, the most influencial Temple of Pelor in the region, until the age of 19. However, he grew disenchanted with the order after witnessing his superiors’ real beliefs; it was more important to proselytize the masses than to heal the sick. He left the Solarium with mixed approval of the other priests, only keeping his clerical title due to his devotion to the healing powers of Pelor and his commitment to do good across the land.

Dylan D'Amarco

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