Ruined Library

The Ruined Library sits 600 miles northeast of the city of Cordall. An open-topped maze populated by goblinoids protects the Library Tower’s entrance. The main door to the Tower is inaccessible by all known means, but there is a secondary entrance through the complex’s sub-basement. The Arena is inside the Tower.

Several stone items have been recovered so far: A Stone Robin Statuette (Granite), a Stone Daffodil (Marble), a Stone Leaf (Obsidian), etc. Whether these are useful artifacts or merely looted decorations remains unknown.

Ground level
Ground Level (G1)
In the center of the maze, a hidden staircase leads down to the first sublevel. The party was temporarily blinded after a Detect Magic spell was used. The Bugbear leader of the goblins held the key to the stairs in (B1/1) leading to (B2/1).

Basement 1 1
Basement Level 1, Part 1 (B1/1)
Two human hostages were freed in the southwest room in the basement. They were meant to be taken to the Arena inside the Ruined Library Tower, according to a captured goblin.

Basement 2 1
Basement Level 2, Part 1 (B2/1)
The entrance to the Library Tower is through two sub-basements infested with undead, mainly ghasts. This is where the orc clan upstairs dumps its victims.

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Ruined Library

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