The city of Cordall is a big city with stuff in it. (More to come.)

1-Running Water Inn, 2-Tight Pouch Inn, 3-High Tide Inn, 4-Moondark Inn, 5-Double Lock Inn

6-Pearly Rose, 7-Coiled Ribbon, 8-Hard Anvil, 9-Dragon Scale, 10-Mystic Operations, 11-Travel Aid,
12-Nigel’s Smith, 13-The Order’s Sword, 19-Thorn Star, 24-Foreboding Sticks, 25-Nightingale Appraising,
26-Devil’s Cauldron, 28-Bubbling Over, 30-Empty Naga, 38-Curugul

Animal-related Shops:
43-Champion Runner, 44-Prancing Horse, 45-Rolling Wheel, 46-Twin Saddles, 47-Flying Griffon

Miscellaneous Shops:
14-Lomin’s Bakery, 15-Blue Shell, 16-Tarayave, 17-Luin Thara-pata, 18-Soft-brick Bakery, 20-Mereth, 21-Mood Breath, 22-Life Bread, 23-Cali’s Stand, 27-Stag Hangout, 31-Flying Stag, 34-Javi’s Seat, 49-Fish Market, 55-Floating Hammock

29-Kemen, 32-Silver Birch, 33-Night Iron, 35-Beached Whale, 36-Ironwood, 37-Heavy Hitting, 39-Farm Valley, 40-Cordall Merchants, 41-Mage Guild, 42-Cordall Bank, 53-Dock Office

48-North Warehouse, 50-Warehouse One, 51-Warehouse Two, 52-South Warehouse, 54-Dock Master’s Storehouse

Other Locations: Bellonal Family Mansion, Thieves’ Guild

Non-Player Characters- Cordall

Cordal map

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