Forgotten Lord Towers Campaign

The Story: Day 7 - The Men in the Box

Entry in progress.

The Story: Day 2 - On the Trail

Today, we met with Francis E Bellonal, who has given us the task of travelling to the Ruined Library in search of Badger’s Spellbook, which we were told contains a powerful portal spell. He has been gracious enough to supply us with strong war horses, a wagon, potions of healing, food and other equipment. I sense his motives aren’t quite what they appear to be on the surface, but it is difficult for me to tell what he’s really thinking.

It is a long journey to the Library, but we shall make haste towards our objective.

-Dylan D’Amarco

The Story: Day 1 - Cordall

Day 1: City of Cordall

I, Dylan D’Amarco, Human Cleric of Pelor, and my companion Rurik, Dwarf Fighter, have travelled to the city of Cordall as part of our mission to commit good deeds across the land. We met with three other adventurers at the ‘Help Wanted’ board and instinctively sought each others’ support; a new party was formed.

Rodgar Lightheart, Human Knight, and his companion Inga Ainanna, Half-Elf Wizard, seek more adventurous pursuits than Rurik and I, but their spirit will no doubt take us far against the forces of evil.

Fong Shui, orphaned Human Monk, searches the world to discover his unknown past.

We five adventurers bonded quickly and set out to complete the tasks pinned to the board.

  • Francis E Bellonal was seeking a group to venture to the Ruined Library.
  • A Human Thief named Bajyr was wanted by the guards. He will most likely be found hiding in an inn’s basement.
  • Ryndar is wanted for murder. He is most likely hiding in the markets. There is no description given.
  • Ganila Talek was wanted for questioning for her relationship to Bajyr. It was suggested that she might be found in one of the inns.

We decided to find Talek, who was hanging out in the Running Water Inn. She tipped us off to a planned heist of the Magic Hedgehog at the Temple of Obad-Hai.

Our party set up an ambush there, capturing Bajyr and killing three of his accomplices.

With our reward in hand, we returned to the Running Water Inn for a good night’s rest.

-Dylan D’Amarco


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